Vidmate HD Video Downloader – Exceptional Features Of Vidmate App

Here is another masterpiece from the software industry developer company Funicular Media; known as Vidmate. It has some exceptional intrinsic features that list it amidst the top ten best entertainment applications. It is one of those popular video applications that would render the user with the best visual experience.

The application features more than 200 live channels along with more than 50,000 movies and videos selection. It streams live videos and movies along with other TV shows in HD quality. You can easily download it free of cost and enjoy latest movies, songs and other entertainment stuff from your smartphones. The application allows the users to watch the movies as well as download them. it`s an all in one application and it`s a perfect package of entertainment.

It`s pretty evident from its responses that once you use this application, you won`t switch to another one since it has all those excellent features which perfectly blends ease of use and top notch quality. It has array of more than 1000 movies, songs, and many other features.  No need to worry if you missed your shot on your favorite daily soap. Just download the Vidmate app and catch hold of your favorite show.  So let us now shed a glance over the features of this app.

Exceptional Features Of Vidmate App:

  • Lock your personal stuff- since many users have demanded a personal and privacy feature in the video streaming applications, the makers of vidmate made sure that the include the privacy lock feature which lets the user lock their favorite content and data. This feature comes in use when multiple members in a family are using the same application and that it helps in keeping the privacy of an individual.
  • Enable download even on mobile network- most of the video streaming applications, only allow the download of videos on wifi network only. This perhaps irked many users who wanted to download it over their mobile networks also. But vidmate application gives the feature of even downloading the video at mobile network also.
  • Integrated web browser- the application also features an integrated web browser that lets the user to crawl through the videos.
  • Search and search history- with the integrated option of searching and search history, it lets users to search different videos and mark their favorite videos in the search bar.
  • Trending music suggestions- when you open the application, you will be welcomed with recommendations of some top chartbusters songs, some popular, trending videos and top rated movies.
  • Bookmarks and history access- while you are using the vidmate app, you can easily bookmark your favorite movies and content so that you can view them later on. Also, you have the option of going back and checking your history items of the videos you have watched.
  • Easy user interface- perhaps, the best feature of this app, is its unique and user-friendly interface which lets users to easily search and navigate to their favorite media item within no time. In fact the whole layout of the application has been kept simple and easy.