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Children/youth program

Children/youth program

Instruction takes place in small groups. The students change within the groups depending upon knowledge conditions and/or age. The program includes communications in everyday living situations, considering:

–         Language as a means of communication in social networking,

–         German language and culture compared with that of the student’s,

–         Familiarization with German culture through music, literature and the arts,

–         Including family and friends at school events,

Learning methods and activities include:

  • Plays (drama, hand dolls, society plays…)
  • Music (songs, dancing…)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Literature (children’s books, poems, own books…)

and stand next to:

  • Reading exercises
  • Grammar exercises
  • Writing exercises

Teaching Material

In order to have a life-preparing and up-to-date entrance to the German language, we use a range of other teaching materials including on-line and internet materials in addition to traditional text books.

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