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Adult program/curriculum

While surfing the Internet: Did you notice how many Web sites use the German language? Well, precisely almost one out of 10 sites you will get online, is written in German. Right next to English, German is the most commonly used Internet language! Countless German companies have business interests all over the world.

Large company groups as well as small/medium sized businesses have established subsidiaries or branches world wide. Thus, the employees of these companies abroad have to flexible and must quickly get ready to use the German language.

With a good knowledge of German, you will be most qualified meeting the demands of todays professional life. Germany, the third largest industrial country is the world champion in world exports and therefore a very important business partner for many other companies. Germany also plays an important role in science and research: Next to English the majority of scientific texts are published in German!

Our Adult program ranges from communication in everyday living situations/social networking and familiarization with German culture through music, literature and the arts, up to communication in a business/professional setting.


Teaching Methods/Material/Environment

We use a range of teaching methods and materials, including internet based online/multimedia material in addition to traditional textbooks. Instructions take place in small groups, flexibly formed and structured according to the interest and background of the students.

We also offer a Thursday evening class for adults. For more information please click here.