The German School of Dallas is accredited to give examinations leading to the prestigious GERMAN LANGUAGE DIPLOMA for high school students. Click here for more information. 

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2019/2020 School Year Registration Fees

Semester/Course  Tuition  Registration Fee   Comments
Summer Course

June 8 – Aug 3 2019

$180 $20   Please register and submit payment ASAP, but no later than June 8!
Early Bird Fall 2019

Aug 17 – Dec 14

$375 No registration fees!   Must be registered and paid in full by midnight May 25!

(Postmarked May 25)

Fall 2019

Aug 17 – Dec 14

$375  $20 1st Family member

$10 each additional family member

  Must be received no later than Aug 10*

*Late fees may be assessed if registration and payment are received after August 10.

PreK - 12 Classes

PreK Kueken 2 - 3
Kindergarten PreK Maeuse 3 ½ - 5
Kindergarten (children entering Kindergarten)
1.Klasse (native & Daf)
2.Klasse (native & Daf)
Neu DSD 1 Daf
Neu DSD 2 – native
Children Class Kuecken
The German School of Dallas Adult Classes

Adult Classes

Saturday Classes


Adult Beginner more information are coming 
Adult Intermediate more information are coming
Adult Advanced more information are coming



Conversation Classes

You can sign up for conversational classes held during the week usually on Mondays and Wednesdays. More information will be published soon or contact the school directly.