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The German School of Dallas under the leadership of Gisela de Marco is an educational institution for students from kindergarten through high school and for adults on all levels from Beginning to Advanced. We offer a unique experience in a genuine German environment with native speaking teacher in small classes. Our goal is to broaden the students’ appreciation and awareness of another culture and facilitate their ability to communicate in German-speaking countries.

Once high school students pass the German certification tests of the ZfA (German Federal Office for German Schools Abroad), they will receive the German Language Diploma. This entitles them to study at German universities in their field of interest without prior language qualification courses.

In summary, the main characteristics/goals of The German School of Dallas are:

  • The school designed a curriculum to support the American Association of Teachers in German (AATG) 
  • All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced with native language skills.

We welcome your interest and hope you enjoy browsing our website.

The German School of Dallas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit cultural and educational organization. As described, our services include promoting the German culture and language in North Texas.

Haben Sie Lehrerfahrung und sind daran interessiert unser Team of The German School of Dallas zu verstärken? Dann kontaktieren Sie uns unter info@germanschooldallas.com. Gesucht werden Lehrkräfte und Aushilfen für alle Kinder- und Erwachsenenklassen.

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